help I’m having emotions about a cartoon antidepressant trying to be useful


yes but look at it, it cares about her and just wants to help her be able to function. It’s like “I know you’re sad. here, I’ll help you.”

LIKE OKAY THOUGH can I explain why this is exceedingly brilliant??  Because when anti-depressants work right, that’s what they DO.  They don’t make you happy or emotionless or unhealthy in any way, they make you FUNCTIONAL.  They make it so that a depressed person who can barely get out of bed can start to support themselves again and more importantly, start to THINK for themselves again without the permeating presence of depression.

Depression is a cyclical disease, that tells you to think a certain way, and, because you’re depressed, you generally believe it, and then things get worse and worse.  The ONLY thing anti-depressants do is to STOP that cycle in its tracks!!  Which is something to be ecstatic about and celebrated, even if you don’t realize it at the time, because when you’re depressed, getting out of bed is climbing Mount Everest.  Antidepressants help stop that cycle so that one day soon, getting out of bed can JUST be getting out of bed.  They don’t even expedite the recovery process in most cases, they just make recovery POSSIBLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.  So this little guy is portrayed with a fuckton more accuracy than I ever expected from a commercial.

It’s back and adorable

i thought it was a Twinkie

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Season 2 Promotional Poster [x]

Season 2 Promotional Poster [x]

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lana del rey ≡ released songs
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I’m worth five dollars?
Five million.

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…have I made you proud?

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300 FAVORITE MOVIES (in no particular order)

81. Speed (1994)

Annie: So you’re a cop, right?
Jack: That’s right.
Annie: Well, I should probably tell you that I’m taking the bus because I had my driver’s license revoked.
Jack: What for?
Annie: Speeding.

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The Avengers AU - The Reckoning: News of a baby girl, born to the Nine Realms and prophesied to be the harbinger of Ragnarök, plunges the world into chaos. Left with no other choice, Thor, newly crowned king of Asgard, enters into a secret alliance with SHIELD: to hide and raise the child on Midgard and away from the eyes of his malevolent brother.

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Sleepy Hollow season 2 clip

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